Each work is a narrative that explores issues of identity, power, sexual discovery and the environment. Vicki Siegel’s work combines painting and photography together. The paintings are  informed by memories, both personal and collective. These memories are imperfect representations of the past that are altered, fragmented, reconstructed and reinterpreted over time. In her narrations, details are found in layers often revealing something forgotten or missing from actual experiences, creating an experience that is  part fantasy and part reality.

To achieve this, painting, drawing and image transfers of my photographs can be found in each work on canvas. Expressive use of acrylic paint with overlays of pencil, charcoal, and oil stick demonstrate her roots in abstract expressionism. The works have a dreamlike atmosphere created by a surreal sense of space and a color palette that reflects her life in the subtropics.

It is the artist's desire that each work of art leaves the viewer with a sense of hope and/or wonder.