BFA University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
MFA coursework, Tyler School of Art, Rome
Born in New York City and raised in both New York and Chicago. I have been involved in the arts since I was a teen, taking classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, where I spent many hours studying its collection of abstract expressionist art.
Comparison between images has been an ongoing theme in my work since the late 70’s when my work focused mainly on photography. Influenced by the critical/cynical eye of photographers like Maryellen Marks and Diane Arbus, I began printing photographic images side by side. This interest in multiple images continued in work done in the eighties as I produced large scale multi-image pieces in Milan, Italy that combined hundreds of 35mm slides, music and large scale projection.
While pursuing a career in advertising in South Florida working in both print and video, I developed a passion for painting. I have been influenced by the colors and light of the tropical landscape, the energetic paint stroke of abstract expressionism and the use of multiple images in pop art. At the same time the natural world with its intricacies of light and pattern astounds me. By combining images to create a unique composition, I hope to involve the viewer in a dialogue about the nature of connections; biological, psychological, emotional, physical perhaps universal.